Bernie Mev shoes

Bernie Mev is a famous shoe company based in New-York USA. They are well known for their high quality lightweight shoes built with a memory foam insole, woven stretch upper and a rubber bottom.  Made especially for today’s active women, looking for stylish shoes without compromising practicality or comfort. His footwear is the perfect complement to the outfits that you will find in our web-store. Trust me, you will be elegant from head to toe!
        I am aware that buying shoes online might be tricky. I took the time to have several women trying each style of shoes, so that I can guide in your purchase. My experience with these shoes leads me to a simple rule: when buying a closed toe style of shoes (like Hazel, Lulia or Royal)  I would recommend going a half a size up. And for the open toe shoes or sandals, go down half a size. This is a general rule, but if I found a special fit for a specific style, I will tell you so in the comments for this item.

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