Tuque Iniktitut Noire

Tuque Iniktitut Noire

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Warm, original and very soft, you will love spend time outside with this wonderful hat. It is one size, lined with polar and has nice details to keep you warm and stylish this winter! It is perfect to wear with the assorted collar and mittens.

Care instructions:</strong> Hand washable, hang to dry</p> <p><span><strong>Shipping: </strong>8 opening days</span></p> <p><strong>Exchangeable or refundable

<p> CHARTER OF SIZES: </p><table><tbody><tr><td><br></td><td> XP </td><td> P </td><td> M </td><td> G </td><td> XG </td><td> XXG </td></tr><tr><td> CUT </td><td> 27 '' </td><td> <span>29 ''</span> </td><td> 31 <span>''</span> </td><td> 33 <span>''</span> </td><td> 36 <span>''</span> </td><td> 40 '' </td></tr><tr><td> HIPS </td><td> <span>36 ''</span> </td><td><span> </span> <span>38 ''</span> </td><td> 40 <span>''</span> </td><td> 43 <span>''</span> </td><td> 46 <span>''</span> </td><td> 49 <span>''</span> </td></tr><tr><td> CHEST </td><td> 32.5 <span>''</span> </td><td> <span>34 ''</span> </td><td> <span>36 ''</span> </td><td> <span>39 ''</span> </td><td> 42 <span>''</span> </td><td> 45 <span>''</span> </td></tr><tr><td> SHOULDERS </td><td> 14 <span>''</span> </td><td> 14.5 <span>''</span> </td><td> 15 <span>'</span> </td><td> 15.5 <span>''</span> </td><td> 1 <span>6 ''</span> </td><td> 16.5 <span>''</span> </td></tr></tbody></table><p></p><p></p>

Entretient: Lavable à la main, suspendre pour sécher. Tous nos tissus sont prélavés avant la confection.

Livraison: 5 à 7 jours ouvrables

Échangeable ou remboursable (voir politiques)